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Falconry Display


Please enquire


90 minutes

About the Course

If you are going to live like a laird for a while, why not enjoy their pastimes too? This is a private viewing for yourself and your party. Please consider the weather when deciding to proceed with this item. The birds will fly in the rain but you may not wish to stand outside in the wet for too long. Photography is permitted. 90 minute show. The handler will bring 5~6 birds of prey of varying species. Participants may hold some birds at the end of the aerial display at the discretion of the handler. Participants should follow instructions of handler and avoid scaring the animals.

Your Instructor

John Barrie

John Barrie has worked with raptors for many years and his enthusiasm for these animals is infectious. He needs a few days notice prior to any display, so please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to set this up.

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