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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the grounds of Lickleyhead Castle like?
    A long woodland driveway shelters the castle from sight or sound of the already sleepy village of Auchleven. The only sounds you will hear as you stand in the garden are the tweets of varied bird species, running water in the two burns or the sheep in the distant fields. Butterflies, such as red admirals, are seen in great abundance during the warmer months. Before the sun goes down, make sure to pick fruit such as wild raspberries or plums for your dessert! Evening brings out the pipistrelles and the barn owls. Unlike in western parts of Scotland, biting insects are not generally a problem and it is comfortable to sit outside in the barbecue area over a drink. There you can enjoy the night sky in its full glory; light pollution free. The colder months bring their own delights. The changing colour of the leaves is very attractive. In winter, red deer come down from the higher slopes of Bennachie to feast upon the exposed green grass in view of the ruined arch.
  • What can I do outside in the grounds?
    The 11 acre estate is yours to explore. You can climb trees; wander the rose garden or the walled garden. Why not wade in the fore burn down to the Gadie? There is also a selection of outdoor games to play. You can use the barbeque at your leisure. You can also book paid activities to do in the grounds such as archery and the mini-highland games.
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