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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is provided during my stay?
    Basic toiletries, namely shampoo, conditioner, body wash and hand soap, are provided. We also supply you with clean towels, fresh linen for the beds and hair dryers in each room. In the kitchen you will find complementary milk, tea and coffee. There is a coffee machine and we provide a reasonable number of pods for this. There is also dried coffee.
  • How can I charge my electric car?
    If you have a charging cable we have multiple outdoor sockets you can use to charge your vehicle. We ask for a nominal £5 charging fee if you choose to do this to help cover our electricity cost at a time when prices are very high. The closest charging point is in nearby Insch. The address is as follows- 2 Martin Rd, Insch AB52 6JD
  • I've booked. What do I do now?
    You don't need to do anything! We will be in touch shortly to confirm the booking. You can download the welcome pack below. If you don't hear from us in the next 24 hours, apologies, you can contact us to find out what has happened on 07418085748 or write to
  • Are there any dangers we should be aware of?
    Aberdeenshire and the village of Premnay in particular are very safe areas. There haven't been any incidents involving criminal behaviour in the time we have been here and we haven't heard of anything locally either. As relatively few people know the castle is here, the only other people you will see on the property will likely be us or the postman! There are no dangerous wild animals in Scotland. There aren't any large predators and you are extremely unlikely to encounter anything that might hurt you. We take fire safety very seriously at the castle. The building has an L1 system installed meaning every single room is fitted with an appropriate detector. This system is well maintained and regularly checked. There is emergency lighting on the stairs that will guide you towards the exits. Please follow our instructions regarding the safe use of fireplaces and electrical equipment.
  • Where can I buy groceries?
    Kellockbank is a local shop which sells some dried food. Kemnay Farm Shop has good selection of local produce. There is a small supermarket, Co-op, in Insch (3 miles away). The next nearest are in Inverurie(10 miles), which has a good selection of places to shop including Tesco, Morrisons, Marks and Spencer's, Aldi and Lidl. We would suggest for your convenience that you organise a delivery to arrive shortly after you yourselves. Most guests choose Tesco for deliveries.
  • Can we have catering?
    We don't provide this service. There is nothing stopping you from hiring a catering company yourselves however. Below is a list of local catering companies and private chefs. 1. Harry Fraser Catering (the biggest catering company in the area). 2. Country Flavours of Alford 3. Entier Catering Scotland 4. Val Morrison Catering and Party Design 5. Kate's Bespoke Catering 6. Giuseppe Manzoli Giuseppe is a hard working Italian chef who has cooked here before. There are actually videos of him preparing food here at Lickleyhead Castle on Youtube (see below).
  • How can I make coffee?
    We have a grinder and a barista style espresso coffee machine. We also have several cafetieres (French press) and a dolce gusto machine which takes pods. We supply a limited number of pods to get you started. We do also supply some ground coffee, instant coffee and tea but guests may wish to bring their own preferred brand. We would request that equipment is cleaned after use.
  • Where can we eat out?
    Guests at the castle can eat at nearby Insch Golf Club (even if you don't want to play golf). The Golf Club is about 4km from the castle. The food is hearty and the servings large without the risk of breaking the bank. Please inform James or Kathy in advance if this is of interest either in person or by email ( There is a pub in Auchleven called The New Moon, about 5 minutes walk away, but it was closed at time of writing. The next nearest is the Station Hotel in Insch which is about 3 miles away. The Haughton Arms Hotel in Alford (15 minute drive) is well regarded. For something extra special, The Dog Tap in Ellon serves Brew Dog's world famous beer, while Rothesay Rooms in Ballater offers Michelin standard cuisine. There are takeaway places in nearby Insch. Rainbow is a Chinese takeaway which is better than average. Fast Frys is a fish and chip shop. There's also an Indian restaurant called Cafe Mint based out of the Commercial pub.
  • Can I see the layout of the castle?
    Yes, please see the layout below.
  • What does each room have?
    This table shows the location of beds so as to facilitate sleeping arrangements. Although 16+4 spaces are shown we do not allow more than 16 adults to sleep in the castle at any one time.
  • What does the games room contain?
    The games room has a pool table which is convertible into a ping pong table. Guests can use the dressing up clothes and costumes. There is also a darts board, numerous board games and some children's toys. Please note that under 18's are not allowed to play darts.
  • What laundry/dish-washing facilities are there?
    There is a washing machine in the pantry available to guests in the whole castle or the west wing. A washing line in the barbeque area can be used for drying clothes when the weather is good. Unfortunately, we do not currently have a tumble dryer. The castle has dishwashers. 2 are available to guests staying in either the west wing or the whole castle. There is 1 dishwasher available to guests staying in the east wing.
  • What are the grounds of Lickleyhead Castle like?
    A long woodland driveway shelters the castle from sight or sound of the already sleepy village of Auchleven. The only sounds you will hear as you stand in the garden are the tweets of varied bird species, running water in the two burns or the sheep in the distant fields. Butterflies, such as red admirals, are seen in great abundance during the warmer months. Before the sun goes down, make sure to pick fruit such as wild raspberries or plums for your dessert! Evening brings out the pipistrelles and the barn owls. Unlike in western parts of Scotland, biting insects are not generally a problem and it is comfortable to sit outside in the barbecue area over a drink. There you can enjoy the night sky in its full glory; light pollution free. The colder months bring their own delights. The changing colour of the leaves is very attractive. In winter, red deer come down from the higher slopes of Bennachie to feast upon the exposed green grass in view of the ruined arch.
  • What can I do outside in the grounds?
    The 11 acre estate is yours to explore. You can climb trees; wander the rose garden or the walled garden. Why not wade in the fore burn down to the Gadie? There is also a selection of outdoor games to play. You can use the barbeque at your leisure. You can also book paid activities to do in the grounds such as archery and the mini-highland games.
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