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The Turncoats


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3 days

About the Course

Based on TV's 'The Traitors', 'The Turncoats' is a group role play game in which participants take the part of either a 'turncoat' or a 'devoted'. This game is available to those staying at the castle between April and October each year. The game requires a large group of between 15 and 18 people. The objective is to be the last person (or people) standing and win the prize at the end. The hosts (James/Jim) will choose the turncoats at the start of the game and while they will know themselves and each other, the devoted will not be certain who is who until the end. The turncoats will secretly eliminate the devoted from the game, one per round. The devoted will have a chance to eject the turncoats and win themselves. Each round the whole group will vote who they think the turncoats are. If all the turncoats are ejected then the devoted win. If the group votes out a devoted by mistake, well that's too bad! While no longer able to vote, those eliminated can observe the voting and take part in the fun discussions about who they think the traitors are. Each round also the entire group will have the chance to add to their final prize in a series of challenging group activities. Unlike in the TV series, those eliminated from the game will still have a role to play in helping the group and can fully take part in the activities. There are small prizes available for the winner of each individual activity. After 7 rounds have gone by, the competition enters the final. All remaining contestants must decide if they want the game to end or if they want to continue ejecting another person. If there are turncoats remaining when the voting stops then that turncoat or turncoats win the game! The final prize will include goodies such as a trophy or trophies, local food treats, local artisanal products and t-shirts or mugs with Lickleyhead Castle or Turncoats designs.

How does this work?

1. We would typically expect groups of people who want to play the game to get themselves organised with the right number of players and a preferred date before they contact us. Unfortunately, we don't have the time to put together groups of strangers and it would also make it uncomfortable for you. Remember you will be sleeping in the castle as well as playing the game here!

2. This game is currently only available to guests at the castle. After checking with us about the availability of your preferred date to play, you should book the castle as an accommodation venue. Payment for the game will be taken separately. The terms and conditions are the same as those of our accommodation, namely a 25% deposit is required to secure the booking. The balance of funds is payable 30 days before your arrival date. Refunds are available up to 45 days before your arrival date. Banking fees will be deducted from any refunds offered.

3. This game involves being outside. It would be too cold to play in the winter. We recommend playing between April and October.

4. You need at least 3 days (a 3 night stay) to play this game properly. It can't be fitted into a single evening. We may be able to arrange other similar parlour games for you to do if you like the idea of this game but don't have the time to do it.

5. We need at least 15 people to play to make this game feasible. If you want more than 18 to be involved, this will be possible up to 22 people. We will not be able to sleep anyone after the 18th person however, so they will have to find other accommodation locally.

6. We prefer not to tell you about the challenge activities we do so that it is a surprise to you when you do them! Suffice to say they will be primarily physical or mental challenges and you will earn smaller or larger rewards based on how well you do in them. Please let us know about your group so we can choose appropriate activities based on the age, gender makeup and abilities of your group. Weather and seasons will also be factors in our decisions.

Your Instructor

James Davies and Jim Buchan

James is the general manager at the castle and came up with the concept. Jim Buchan is a hard-working Scotsman and expert at organising events. He has worked in the live events business for over 30 years.

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