Highlands for Families no.2, Landmark Adventure Park

This is the second in our series about places to go as a family in the Highlands of Scotland. There's four of us, myself James, my wife, Stella and our two boys, E and A. In July of 2021 we visited Landmark Adventure Park just outside of Aviemore.

We arrived at the park by car, though I see on the website you can get there by bus or train. There are plenty of cyclists in Aviemore, so I imagine some people may come that way and we saw some bicycle racks while walking in. Regardless, there's plenty of space to park your vehicle.

Landmark Adventure Park isn't a typical theme park. There are rides and a roller coaster, but the primary draw is to offer adventure sport style thrills that are suitable for kids. There are for example, three separate difficulties of treetop adventure climbing (Ropeworx, Tarzan Trail, Wee Monkey Trail) challenging entrants to balance on beams and scramble across ropes while 5m up in the air. Another climbing themed activity is 'The Pinnacle', a big climbing wall. There is also a rather terrifying drop into open air described as a 'sk