The Way to Hermit's Seat

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

As mentioned on the Lickleyhead Castle website, it's possible to access the Bennachie range directly from the castle grounds without crossing any roads. Here I want to outline exactly how this is accomplished for anyone wanting instruction (or photographic proof!). The range has several peaks, this takes you to the nearest, Hermit's Seat. This is a 3 hour return walk, judged to be of medium difficulty.

The easiest place to start is at the gardener's cottage, behind the castle.

1. Opposite the vegetable patch is a lane leading up to the right alongside the field. Follow this & start your walk to Hermit's Seat. (See picture 1). Do not take the more established dirt track immediately to its right.

2. You will soon come across a field gate, hop over this and continue walking over a small dried up riverbed and into the field to the right at the end.

3. Continue walking right along the edge of the field and cross into the second field. Then head up to the top right corner of the second field. (See picture 2)

4. At the top of the second field you will find another gate. Hop over this and continue on the path in front of you through the field of felled trees. (see picture 3)