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Stay in the East or West Wing of Lickleyhead Castle

Coming in early 2022, the east and west wings of the castle will be separable and would form fully functional and independent units. It will still be possible to book the entirety of Lickleyhead Castle for your group's exclusive use and will not affect your stay if this is what you desire. For smaller groups however, or those on a budget who wish to experience a holiday in this beautiful and historic property, this could be the perfect opportunity to plan your castle stay!

The two wings can be seen in this photo. The west wing is the higher part to the left.

The west wing is the larger part of the castle and is suitable for groups of up to ten people. Access is through the main entrance in the castle courtyard. The west wing includes the great hall, the main kitchen and the five bedrooms off the long spiral staircase. Those staying in this wing also have access to numerous bathrooms and showers. Two bedrooms have en suite bathrooms. The master suite for this wing of the castle is Maitland, which in addition to a bedroom styled in regency opulence with king sized bed, offers a turret washroom (visible above to the far left), and a separate private bathroom. The west wing also contains the castle's chapel and the anteroom, with baby grand piano. Outside, the west wing will have exclusive access to the castle courtyard to relax in.

The east wing is for groups of up to four people (+2) but is no less luxurious, boasting the long and short panelled rooms and two private entrances. The laird's room is the master bedroom for this wing and is regarded as the finest room in the entire castle. The laird's room has an en suite overlooking the gardens, a four poster bed, and its own private spiral staircase. A new kitchen for this wing will be to the rear of the property. The other bedroom is also sizeable and well decorated. The east wing will have access to the patio and barbecue area.

Should you book a single wing of the castle you may be assured that noise from the other wing will generally not be a problem. The castle walls are very thick- great for sound proofing! Of course we will ask all guests to be considerate of other parties we have staying. There will be a certain amount of sharing outside, though the grounds are big enough that you don't need to see anyone else if you don't wish it.

If this is too much of a risk for you or you want the grounds and building entirely to yourselves, the option is still there to book the entire castle. Once we have unlocked a few solid doors, you can still move from one side to the other and your stay will not be affected. Please book well in advance to secure this option.

Note: At peak times of year (i.e. Christmas and New Year's), the castle may only be available as a whole, not as individual wings.

Note: Some details may be subject to change.

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