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The Green Room

The great hall at Lickleyhead Castle was traditionally called 'The Green Room'. We decided to take it back to its original colour!

As it looks now

With a break between bookings during March, we decided it would be the perfect time to do some work on the castle. We are committed to maintaining Lickleyhead Castle and restoring it wherever possible. We have been told by numerous people who formerly lived and worked at the castle that green was the original colour in our great hall. There is also evidence for this colour in the secret cupboards along the walls, as well as at the bottom of the skirting boards. As such we made the decision to re-establish 'The Green Room'.

Before we repainted it was red

Painting the great hall took nearly two weeks for the two of us (James and Kathy). It was hard work and involved painstakingly picking out the edges of the panelling in gold. It was previously red, which we felt was sucking the energy out of the room. We feel that the new colour scheme is more sympathetic to the room and creates a new ambience. Please let us know what you think!

Shots of us working. The paint looks quite blue in these photos for some reason!

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