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The Leith Gallery

The Leith Gallery is our family suite. It is styled as a Georgian lady’s chamber with pointed use of French toile de jouy.

The Leith family, after whom this room is named, actually lived in Lickleyhead Castle in a much earlier period, during the 1500’s. They purchased the land on which the castle now stands around the turn of the 16th century and held it for over a hundred years. There was likely an earlier wooden structure on the same site, but this was not incorporated into the 16th century rebuild. As such, the oldest parts of the current castle date from this period.

In 1579, William Leith of Lickleyhead was involved in supporting a rebellion by the Earl of Huntly against King James VI and his rather more trustworthy son Patrick was forced to vouch for him. Apparently the father continued in his treasonable conduct however and eight years later in 1587 they had to give 1000 marks as security for his behaviour. Son Patrick seemed to die before his father and the castle was inherited by William's grandson, another Patrick. He was involved in a famous feud with John Forbes throughout the early 1620's over hunting rights, saying of the other laird that he was…‘not only a damn poacher, but a damn good poacher’ and that… ‘he killed three dookis (ducks) with one schott(shot)’. Strangely Patrick eventually sold the castle to the same John Forbes, perhaps deciding for the sake of peace and quiet to up sticks.

The Leith Gallery en suite

Long galleries were frequently built at the top of great houses to act as a space for exercising on wet days. Members of the gentry would stroll up and down the gallery, looking at art on the walls as they passed. At other times it may have been used as a place to sleep.

There is a pull out single mattress under the day bed. The day bed itself may also be used to sleep on, meaning a family of four could sleep in this room. The en suite is of course for the use of residents of this room though you may also use the adjacent shared ‘Grip Fast’ shower room if you wish. When running water from taps please allow time for hot water to be drawn up through the pipes!

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